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Coppice Primary Academy

London Residential Visit for Y6

8th and 9th May 2024


This page contains information for parents and children at Coppice and Roundthorn Primaries for the upcoming residential visit to London.

Final Information Letter

Final presentation information

Children's briefing

London presentation information March 2024

Pizza Express group menu

Packed Lunch Choices

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions and useful things to know...

1. What to wear and bring

Children will not be wearing uniform on the trip. Please send them in comfortable clothes for walking around London and going to the theatre for day 1.

We will spend some time indoors and outdoors so it would be advisable to pack clothes that are suitable for a warm day or a rainy day. It can be warm and sunny in May, so a sun hat is advised. A light showerproof coat is needed as well as comfortable footwear for exploring London (trainers are OK). A change of clothes should be packed for day 2, including spare socks and underwear an extra t-shirt and a warm jumper, just in case it gets cold. Children should bring pyjamas for sleeping in. An overnight wash bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, soap / shower gel is also needed. Please pack a medium sized towel for washing and showering and a plastic bag to bring it home in (it's unlikely we'll have time to dry it!)

Some children have special items that they sleep with. Well behaved teddies etc are welcome on the trip as long as they are small enough to fit in their bags. 

Your child's clothes etc. should be packed in a small flight case, or holdall.

A small rucksack or drawstring shoulder bag is also needed to carry things during the day.

2. Can we bring mobile phones and cameras?

We are saying no to any electronic devices, including phones. Whilst they are part of our lives now, they can be an unwelcome distraction and the risk of loss or damage is too great. Staff will take lots of photos and share via social media.

Your child can bring a small game, book or activity with them to use on the coach journey, but no electronics please.

3. Can we bring money?

Yes. There will be very few opportunities to buy things, but the best chance is likely to be at the Natural History Museum. Your child can bring upto £20 in an envelope with their name on it and staff will look after this until we arrive at the museum on day 2.

4. Accommodation

We are staying for one night at YHA Thameside in London. Breakfast is provided.Link to YHA Thameside websiteChildren will be split into en suite dormitories sleeping 3-9 children. The children have been asked about friendship groups and every child will share a room with at least one friend. Some children will share with children from Coppice / Roundthorn. If there are any issues, staff will move children around.

Rooms are located off a secure corridor which is locked with an access fob. There are night staff on duty from the Youth Hostel and many cameras located around the building. Children will be briefed on expectations once in the building and staff will be readily available for all children as needed.

5. How are we getting around London?

We will use our coach as a base for the two days. We will be picked up and dropped off by the coach. We are walking inbetween some venues that are close by, e.g. Pizza Express and the West End. We are not using the London Underground / Tube.

6. Can we bring drinks and snacks?

If your child has not had breakfast they can bring some toast, a breakfast bar or some fruit. Children should bring their own drinks and snacks as well as a packed lunch for the journey on day 1 (school kitchen can provide for school dinner children). A refillable water bottle is needed as well. They can bring other sweets and snacks to enjoy on the journeys, this is at your discretion! A few smaller bags of sweets might be better and more practical than larger bags. No glass bottles please!

7. Are we going to stop for toilet breaks on the journey?

Yes, will will ensure that we stop at a service station so that we can use the toilets, stretch our legs and re-fill water bottles if needed.

8. Medication

If your child has asthma, they will need their inhaler(s).

If your child has other needs, including allergies, please let us know on the form that will be provided.

Staff will carry calpol 'melts' in case of headaches, tummy pain etc. We will contact you to get your permission to give these if needed.

Three of the five staff are qualified first aiders.

9. Emergency Contact Information

In the event of an emergency the visit leader, Mr. Taylor, will inform school during school hours, who will then contact parents/ carers if necessary. However, we will be taking your emergency contact details with us as well as setting up a WhatsApp group using the school mobile so we will be able to contact you as needed.

10. Keeping in touch... how will we know that all is going well?

We understand that a residential visit over two days is exciting and great for a child's personal development but we are also acutely aware of the worry it can bring to parents and carers. Overall it's best to assume that if you don't hear from us, your child is having a great time. We will also:

  • Call you if there is a problem or your child is upset by anything
  • Post as often as we can onto social media - Facebook and X/Twitter - from the school accounts
  • Set up a WhatsApp group for those parents who want it, so we can share photos and quick updates