Proud to be part of the Focus-Trust

Coppice Primary Academy

Values and Ethos

‘Learn and Grow Together’

This is our vision for how staff and children will achieve high standards and continually improve in the academy.

  1. To develop confident learners who are able to work well, both independently and with others.
  2. For all staff to work openly and supportively with parents to build an effective learning community.
  3. To enable children to become engaged in decision-making and develop life skills to be active members of their communities.
  4. To provide exciting, relevant first-hand learning experiences where children have opportunities to push their own boundaries and embrace new challenges.
  5. To put children at the centre of learning experiences with more ownership of their learning.
  6. To have a consistent, inclusive and well thought-out approach to teaching and learning.
  7. To ensure that all children develop good basic skills (speaking, reading, writing, mathematics)
  8. To expect the best so that all children make good progress, through appropriate and challenging learning opportunities.
  9. To establish and maintain a safe, attractive, stimulating environment.
  10. To provide optimum learning conditions for all by using academy resources effectively to meet the needs of the children.