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Coppice Primary Academy

Behaviour Policy

Our aim at Coppice Primary Academy is for every member of our Academy community to feel valued and respected and to be treated fairly and well.

We try to be a caring community whose values are built upon mutual trust and respect.  We feel children must acknowledge that being a member of a community brings certain responsibilities, as well as rights. Equally we acknowledge that only by fostering personal responsibility for their own behaviour, will children grow into caring and considerate young people able to take their place in the wider world.

The Academy sets high expectations and rewards children for good behaviour.  This policy exists to promote good behaviour choices by setting out clearly the roles and responsibilities of children and staff at Coppice Primary Academy.  Through this policy we want all members of our Academy community to have a shared and mutual   understanding of these rights and responsibilities.  Our policy is aimed at promoting good behaviour rather than merely deterring undesirable behaviour.

Good behaviour is that which ensures a safe and happy environment where all involved have respect for each other and the learning environment and resources.

We define good behaviour in terms of:

Good discipline and conduct – this is about the way we look after each other, show respect, good manners, how we move around and look after things.

Good behaviour for learning – this is about taking an active part in learning e.g. working with a partner, asking questions, responding to comments from the teacher, having the right equipment and having a positive attitude to learning inside and outside of the classroom and organisation.

In both cases, staff understand the need to actively promote and model this behaviour. This ensures that teachers can teach and children can learn. To support this we have clear systems of rules, rewards and sanctions that we apply consistently and fairly at all times. We remind children that they are making choices to behave in a particular way and we encourage them to make the right choices.

Coppice has 3 simple rules ‘Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Safe’ which can be applied to a variety of situations and are taught and modelled explicitly by everybody.




As part of transition, each class identified the characteristics of what makes an an effective team and used this to create their own team flag.