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Coppice Primary Academy

Consultation on Admissions

Coppice Primary Academy Notification of Admissions Consultation


Admissions Year: 2025-26

Reason for Consultation: Change of Planned Admission Number (PAN)

Consultation period: 20th October to 3rd December 2023


Coppice Primary Academy is running a public consultation on the proposed admissions arrangements for the September 2025 intake onwards. Feedback on the proposal is invited from all interested parties.

  1. It has been seven years since the last consultation and the Admissions Code of Practice 20221 stipulates there must be a public consultation every seven years, even when no changes have been made.


  1. The Focus-Trust have introduced a Trust-wide oversubscription criteria to support schools in balancing the needs of their families, staff and retaining priority for local children. Oversubscription criteria priority for pupils attending the school’s nursery and a limited number of places for staff who have been employed for more than two years have been added. The ‘Looked After Children’ and ‘Sibling’ criteria remain unchanged.


  1. The Published Admissions Number (PAN) in Reception has been reduced to 60 to balance the demand for places in the local area and responsibly manage the school’s resources for sustainability.

A copy of the proposed Admissions Policy for 2025/26 is on the school website – Link here.pdf. Hard copies are available on request from the school office.


Feedback should be sent via email to, titled ‘2025/26 admissions consultation’. Feedback can also be submitted in writing to:

Mrs. Kathy Smith

Coppice Primary Academy, Burlington Avenue, Coppice, OL8 1AP


Next Steps: Once the consultation period has closed, all feedback will be considered, and the final admissions policy will be approved in line with the Focus-Trust Scheme of Delegation and published on the school website before 28thFebruary 2024.

 Coppice Primary draft admissions policy 2025.pdf