Additional Educational Needs


The staff and governors at Coppice recognise that all children have particular needs because all children are individuals who learn at their own pace.

The school has a policy on how we identify children with Additional Educational Needs (AEN.). Sometimes the term Special Educational Needs  (SEN) is also used. Children are set individual learning goals or targets in an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that is unique to them. As well as outlining these targets a successful IEP also includes strategies that will be used to meet them and possibly special arrangements when a child may be supported either as an individual or as part of a small group. Each year group has a plan to show the provision made for all the children.

Coppice is fortunate in having a number of experienced, qualified and caring support staff who work with children as individuals or in smaller groups to help meet targets in IEP’s.

Termly meetings between parents, support staff, class teacher and Inclusion Director provide an opportunity to measure a child’s progress against targets set in their IEP. When necessary, professionals from other services who have worked with the child may also attend these meetings to offer valued advice.

School regularly works with the Quality Education Support Team (QEST), the Educational Psychology Service and Medical Services.

Coppice is a modern single storey building with special parking and toileting facilities. There are ramps to all doors and we are able to admit children with AEN, including those with physical disability, providing we can meet the child’s need.

SENCO – Mr A. Hulmes (Strategic Inclusion Leader / SENCO)
SEND Governor – Mrs F. Swift
Early Years Foundation Stage SENCO – Mrs N. Padley
Middle Learners SENCO – Mrs J. Mears
Upper KS2 SENCO – Miss E. Williams

Coppice Primary Academy Special Educational Needs And / Or Disabilities Information Report 2017 / 2018

Coppice Primary Academy Inclusion / SEND Policy 2017 / 2018

Oldham Council Inclusion Policy

Coppice Primary Academy Equality Scheme and Accessibility Plan

Children And Young People With Special Educational Needs And Disabilities Local Offer