Most children stay at school at lunchtime. School meals are cooked on the school premises and served in the school hall. All schools have to provide a healthy and nutritious meal. No salt is allowed in cooking and children are only allowed pre-fried or fried food twice a week.

There is always a choice of meals for the children to choose from. Halal meat is served and vegetarian meals are available each day. Jacket potatoes, fruit and salads are available every day. The local authority supports the school in ensuring nutritional guidelines are followed.

Children are able to bring a packed lunch to school every day if they wish. As a healthy school we ask that parents send a healthy packed lunch to school. We have a Packed Lunch Policy that we ask all parents to follow if you choose to send your child with a packed lunch. A copy of the policy is included with the prospectus.

Glass bottles are not allowed, as they are dangerous if they are broken.

In the interest of dental health, and general good habits, children should not bring sweets, chocolate, cake or fizzy drinks to school for mid-morning snacks or as part of their packed lunch.

Children who have dinners or bring sandwiches may not leave the school premises during the dinner break.

Snacks are provided for the children in foundation stage and key stage 1. Snacks are sold at break time to the key stage 2 children. e.g. fresh fruit, cereal bars.