COVID-19 Information

To ensure the health and safety of staff, pupils and visitors to the school, we have carried out a number of risk assessments and put clear procedures in place. All of our plans have been checked and assessed by Focus Trust and Green Ash Health and Safety.

Risk Assessments

Staff Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment and Health and Safety

Assessment Findings RAG

Focus-Trust Returning to School Documents

We have sent information about these places via text message. If you haven’t received this and would like more information please contact the school office by telephone or email. Under the current COVID -19 situation, we can only accept more children by prior arrangement and in line with our plans. Children are placed into small groups or ‘bubbles.’  Please do not just ‘turn up’ with your child as we will not be able to take them.

As part of wider opening plans, parents/guardians need to complete a ‘COVID-19 Returning to School Contract’ before accessing one of the ‘bubbles’

COVID Returning to School Contract

Letters to Parents

Letter to parents 23 June 2020

Letter to parents 18 June 2020

Letter to parents 7 June 2020 – delayed wider opening

Letter to parents 22 May 2020

Letter to parents 12 May 2020

Letter to parents 29 April 2020

Letter to parents 20 April 2020

Letter to children and families 25 March 2020

Letter to parents 23 March 2020