Our Priorities for Improvement 2016-17

Our focused priorities for 2016-17  are…

  • To further develop children’s reading comprehension
  • To improve the writing process to impact on outcomes
  • To develop the understanding and application of assessment AS learning
  • To further develop and evaluate the impact of coaching
  • To apply the principles of Growth Mindset theory to create a Growth Mindset culture

Our continuing (background) priorities for 2016-17  are… 

  • To maintain a culture of personal development and collaborative working across all staff and promote leadership ability amongst all our children
  • To develop further children’s use of mathematical skills in areas of reasoning, problem solving and practical application.
  • To ensure that challenge is high enough so that all pupils , including the more able, can reach the highest possible standards (through development of pedagogy eg., teacher toolkit, personalisation of the curriculum), ensuring deep learning for all children and further enabling parents to support their child’s learning.
  • To raise attendance from below average to national average levels by improving parental awareness and support.