Our Priorities for Improvement 2017-18

Our focused priorities for 2017-18  are…


  • Application of ELKLAN principles and establish Communication Friendly Status

Ensuring that recent training on speech and language development  has impact in classrooms and around the academy

  •  Assessment…beyond reading, writing and mathematics

A fresh look at how we use assessment to promote learning and teaching across the curriculum

  •  Development of critical thinking through ‘The Arts’

Finding ways to develop our children as critical thinkers.. ‘thinking like an artist’ 

  •  Health and well-being of staff and children

Finding new and effective ways to develop healthy minds, bodies and spirit in all of us


Our continuing (background) priorities for 2017-18  are… 

  • To further develop children’s reading comprehension
  • To improve the writing process to impact on outcomes
  • To develop the understanding and application of assessment AS learning
  • To further develop and evaluate the impact of coaching
  • To apply the principles of Growth Mindset theory to create a Growth Mindset culture