Our admission number is 70.

Children who attend Coppice are placed into classes in 3 phases: Early Learners (Nursery and Reception) ; Middle Learners (Y1, Y2, Y3)  and Advanced Learners (Y4, Y5, Y6)

In Key Stage 2 there are 2 classes in each year group. Our admission number is 70 so there are 35 children in each class. All classes are supported by various support staff, teachers, learning support assistants (LSAs) and the pastoral team.

Children will be taught in different ways in the classroom. They are taught in whole classes, small groups and individually. Learning support assistants are deployed by the senior leaders to target individual and small groups according to need. We run a variety of intervention programmes and review the impact of these on a termly basis. Shared teaching and learning spaces between the classrooms are utilised to support group teaching.

We employ a reading intervention lead LSA  (Mrs. Watson) to develop reading, with children in Key Stage 1. We also employ a teacher who is also an author for 2 days (Mr. Knight) to support the development of children’s writing. The academy uses Sports Coaches to deliver quality P.E. and develop the skills of staff. We employ a Senior Learning Support Assistant to deliver a ‘Forest School’ outdoor education programme to children from Nursery-Y6.

We employ a French teacher for one day a week (Y5&Y6) and a teacher from the music service to teach Y3 a musical instrument (Ukulele).

The school provides a relevant, broad and balanced curriculum, which encompasses the requirements of the Early Years and National Curriculum and which caters for the children’s individual needs.