Year 5

Please email any completed work to

Seesaw will be set up for the children in Year 5 (Beech Class and Ash Class)
– Children will be able to access online learning activities via their own unique QR codes
– Class Teachers will be able to monitor online learning / add activities


Year 5 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers TES

Year 5 Spring Themed Maths Activity Booklet

Year 5 Home Learning Pack From TES

Spring Maths Booklet Answers


Year 5 Day 1

Year 5 Day 2

Year 5 Day 3

Year 5 Day 4

Year 5 Day 5

Year 5 Day 6

Year 5 Day 7

Year 5 Day 8

Year 5 Day 9

Year 5 Day 10



Animals of the World Brainteasers

Countries of the World Brain Teaser

Extreme Earth Brain Teasers

Space Brainteasers

Victorians brain teasers

Ancient Greece Brain Teasers


– Make space planets/models of the solar system
– Research the rainforest- create a fact file page
– Writing – Diary entry/newspaper report/character description/recounts / write your own resolution/ ending to Cosmic- How will Liam and Florida get back home?

RE activities

Find out about the history of Maundy money, what happens in the church of Maundy Thursday?

Create a diary of Jesus’ last week (Holy week)

Make a cross using different materials