Year 3

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Message From Mrs Fallows

A BIG well done to Mahi and Zakia for their home learning.
Well done to Mahiya for going on ttrockstars and sending Mrs Fallows’ a Rockslam Challenge.


Mrs Fallows sheet 1

Mrs Fallows sheet 2

Mrs Fallows sheet 3

Miss Bibi sheet 1

Miss Bibi sheet 2

Miss Bibi sheet 3

A Scarecrows Job

Breaking News Unbelievable Usain Retires

Week 1 Mrs Fallows

Week 1 sheet 2 Mrs Asif & Miss Bibi

Week 1 sheet 2 Mrs fallows

Week 1 Mrs Asif & Miss Bibi

Mrs Hitchen & Mrs Fallows Group

Miss Bibi & Mrs Asif’s Group

Literacy Group 1 – Mrs Hitchen & Mrs Fallows Group

Literacy Group 2 – Mrs Featherstones Group

Literacy Group 3 – Mrs Qazi & Mrs Bibi’s Group

Suggested activities


Plants, volcanoes, electricity, Stone Age, Rocks and Fossils and keeping healthy

  • Make a poster or a fact file about each topic
  • Create a model or a piece of art work about one of the topics.
  • Make up a song, rap or poem about one of the topics.

Other activities:

    • Make a maths game about fractions
    • Write a story that includes a volcano
    • Make sure you know your times tables and related division facts
    • Make sure you read every day for at least 10 minutes and ask a grown up to sign your yellow book.
    • Complete word searches, puzzles or Sudoku’s in puzzle books

Suggested Websites

TTRockstars – make sure you go on this for at least 5 minutes every day to become confident in your times tables – 2,3,4,5,8, 10 and 11. – to revise what we have learnt in class – addition and subtraction, money, fractions, place value – Choose Year 3 Maths and English – Geography / Volcanoes – Revise Stone Age – Rocks, Soils and Fossils  Maths Games KS2 plants / KS2 Light and Dark / KS2 French

Joe Wickes exercise

RE activities

Find out facts about Nelson Mandela and why he was inspirational

Find out about Easter around the world

Teacher Comments

Anniyah’s Science homework (Pine Class) She has taken lots of care and has put in great detail about plant life cycles. – WELL DONE ANNIYAH!