Year 2

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Common Exception Words List

Learning Challenge – Mary Anning and dinosaur fossils

RE activities

Make an Easter card

Find out about Easter traditions, how did Easter eggs begin?

Decorate an egg in the design of a book character


Learn the Dippy the Dinosaur song. It can be found on The Greater Manchester Music Hub…primary schools singing challenge.
Out or the Ark @home are also producing a song a day free resource on a weekly basis. I’ve looked at this and it seems ok they are also using some of the songs that I do with the children in assembly too.
Musical Elements
Find out and make a list of the following notes and their values. Eg Crotchet is worth 1 beat. Do Semibreve. Minim. Crotchet. Quaver and rest. Use them in your composition work (Below)
Composition work
Watch Myleen’s Music Klass ( Play your Name) and then compose your own 4 beat rhythm cards for your name and the dinosaur names. ( Diplodocus. Stegosaurus. Triceratops. Dippy the dinosaur and Tyrannosaurus Rex)
Listening and Apprasing
Listen to Fossils from Carnival of the Animals ( Camille Saint Saens)
What instrument is playing this melody?
Can you pretend you are a dinosaur and move to this music?
What do you like/dislike about this music?
History of Music
Can you find out about the composer Camille Saint Saens and write a paragraph/fact list about him?


Reading Follow Up Retrieve

Katie and the Dinosaurs Comprehension

Reading Follow Up Infer

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Telling the Time