Investors in Pupils

What is Investors In Pupils?

Investors In Pupils are a quality award that is built on the principles of Investors In People. It values pupils and helps to raise achievement throughout EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key S1tage 2.

We were proud to achieve our award in 2015!

The main areas of Investors In Pupils are:



Classroom Management



How does it help our children?

 Investors In Pupils helps all our children in many ways.

It helps them to know:

•How they can contribute towards their own learning

•Who helps them to learn

•The roles and responsibilities of everyone at Coppice Primary Academy

•That they never stop learning

•Why they need to come to school every day and on time

•About finance and the school budget

•Who our governors are and what they do

•How to look after new people in our school

•That they all learn in different ways

•The benefits of making good choices

•That they are an important part of their class/school

What have we been working on?

These are some of the things we have done in working towards gaining our Investors In Pupils award:

•The children have thought about their own Individual Targets and have worked towards that target.

•The children in each class have decided how they want their classroom to be organised and therefore have written a set of rules that they try to keep. As well as writing their own class promise (mission statement).

Every class decides on a Class target every term – some are every half term depending on the target.

•Each class has their own Induction book (welcome book) to help new people find out about the class and feel welcome and confident

Picture2Why are we doing this?

Investors In Pupils supports the ethos and aims of Coppice Primary Academy.

It is an opportunity for all our children to develop the skills and understanding to take a full and active part in the learning journey.

For more information about the award go to: