Eco Action Plan

Eco Meeting Minutes


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Eco position statement

In 2014 Coppice Primary Academy received the Bronze award for ECO schools.

In 2015 we are working towards obtaining our silver award by July 2016.

In 2016 Coppice Primary Academy received the Bronze award for ECO schools.

Miss Shore has now taken over as the co-ordinator for ECO schools.



Our current position

Miss Shore has put together a team of staff, governors and pupils in order to work towards our silver award. One team meeting has been held so far in which members of the team have been directed by Miss Shore to meet requirement. This is evident on our action plan.

Miss Shore has been attending meetings and sending emails to various organisations to set up things that need to be in place in order to obtain this. She is currently working alongside Oldham council and our

2016-02-05 22.21.12site manager and caretaker in order to set up an effective recycling system inside and outside of school. More milk bins have been ordered and a new contract is about to be signed with Oldham council re our recycling situation. This should be cost effective and improve recycling our waste. Oldham council have also held assemblies in Burlington and Kennedy regarding recycling in our school.

Flush busters are being installed in all toilets –staff and pupils. This will help to save water.

November was energy month. Miss Shore held assemblies for parents and staff and they were given packs with an email about saving in our school and how to teach the children how to save energy in our school.

The road safety team will came in to year 3 and 5 to teach them about the importance of road safety as this is a big issue among the borough at the moment.

This half term will see us trial a walk to school policy to see if we can encourage more pupils to walk to school. A badge will be given for those children who walk to school each week.

In February the children will be putting together bags as part of the global issue of helping others.

We also have Mrs Nuttall and Mrs Newall running forest school to encourage wildlife, building bug hotels and developing compost heaps on both sites.


What does the future hold?

In Spring term 2016 the road safety team will be working with year 1.

We will be looking at installing LED lights wherever possible to save energy.

Katherine Smith, our business manager and Alex Drabble, our caretaker are looking into switching our energy provider to cut costs.

A green procurement document will need to be submitted so that we can obtain the green flag award in the future.

A walk to school week will be in place in May.

A waste recycling week involving celebrating the Queens birthday by cleaning up our environment.


Miss Shore and the Eco team are really looking forward to being part of a team in which we make our community a better environment for all concerned.