Year 5

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Seesaw will be set up for the children in Year 5 (Beech Class and Ash Class)
– Children will be able to access online learning activities via their own unique QR codes
– Class Teachers will be able to monitor online learning / add activities


Rounding Decimals

Year 5 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers TES

Year 5 Spring Themed Maths Activity Booklet

Year 5 Home Learning Pack From TES

Spring Maths Booklet Answers


Year 5 Day 1

Year 5 Day 2

Year 5 Day 3

Year 5 Day 4

Year 5 Day 5

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Year 5 Day 7

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Wassily Kandinsky Slides

Wassily Kandinsky Work

Animals of the World Brainteasers

Countries of the World Brain Teaser

Extreme Earth Brain Teasers

Space Brainteasers

Victorians brain teasers

Ancient Greece Brain Teasers


– Make space planets/models of the solar system
– Research the rainforest- create a fact file page
– Writing – Diary entry/newspaper report/character description/recounts / write your own resolution/ ending to Cosmic- How will Liam and Florida get back home?

RE activities

Design your ideal world – what would you leave out or keep in?

Make and illustrate a book about the story of Adam and Eve

Create a tree of knowledge (use a tree outline and draw all the ways we gain knowledge onto the branches)

Research places of interest in and around Manchester; think about places you may have been to, what do these places of interest offer? Have they always been the place they are currently used for? If not, what did they use to be? How did they come to being there?