Year 4

A letter to Yew Class from Mrs Chechi

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Perimeter reasoning questions

Perimeter reasoning answers



Measuring Perimeter

Perimeter Problems

Fluency Perimeter

Fluency Perimeter Answers

Online Celebrity Classes

Calculate Quantities

Calculate Quantities – Reasoning and Problem-Solving

Finding Fractions of Quantities

Finding fractions of quantities- fluency 2

Finding Fractions of Quantities- Reasoning and Problem-Solving

Electricity Home Learning

Simple / Complex / Compound guidance for parents

Simple, Compound and Complex sentences


Adverbials Worksheet

Expanded Noun Phrases Worksheet

Fronted Adverbials Worksheet

How Did It Happen? Worksheet

Science Vocabulary

Simple Noun Phrases Worksheet

Sound Survey Worksheet

SPaG Worksheet

Spot the Adverbial Worksheet

Spot the Missing Comma Worksheet

Subordinating Conjunction Jigsaws

Weather Worksheet

Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Punctuation Worksheet

Times Tables Games

Punctuation Worksheet

Verb Tense Worksheet

Conjunctions Worksheet

Spellings Worksheet

Origami Easter Activity

Expanded Noun Phrases Worksheet

Expanded Noun Phrases Worksheet 2

Expanded Noun Phrases Worksheet 3

Expanded Noun Phrases Worksheet 4

Where Did It Happen? Worksheet

When Did It Happen? Worksheet

Maths Activity Revision Booklet

Maths Activity Revision Booklet 2


Maths links- online learning

RE activities

Find out all about Trimurti

Create a fact file about ‘Puja’

Create a shrine that a Hindu family could use in their home

Write a set of instructions on how to use and make a Puja tray.