Year 2

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Homework Booklet

Common Exception Words List

Learning Challenge – Mary Anning and dinosaur fossils

RE activities

Draw and label your special place

Find out what Christians do when they go to church. How does this compare with what Muslims do when they go to the mosque?

Draw what you would expect to see inside a church

Find out what a pulpit is and what it is used for.

Find out about the alter, lecturn and font – what are they used for? 


Learn the Dippy the Dinosaur song. It can be found on The Greater Manchester Music Hub…primary schools singing challenge.
Out or the Ark @home are also producing a song a day free resource on a weekly basis. I’ve looked at this and it seems ok they are also using some of the songs that I do with the children in assembly too.
Musical Elements
Find out and make a list of the following notes and their values. Eg Crotchet is worth 1 beat. Do Semibreve. Minim. Crotchet. Quaver and rest. Use them in your composition work (Below)
Composition work
Watch Myleen’s Music Klass ( Play your Name) and then compose your own 4 beat rhythm cards for your name and the dinosaur names. ( Diplodocus. Stegosaurus. Triceratops. Dippy the dinosaur and Tyrannosaurus Rex)
Listening and Apprasing
Listen to Fossils from Carnival of the Animals ( Camille Saint Saens)
What instrument is playing this melody?
Can you pretend you are a dinosaur and move to this music?
What do you like/dislike about this music?
History of Music
Can you find out about the composer Camille Saint Saens and write a paragraph/fact list about him?


Reading Follow Up Retrieve

Katie and the Dinosaurs Comprehension

Reading Follow Up Infer

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Telling the Time