Year 1

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Dear Parents,

With the Coronavirus school shutdown, we wanted to give you some useful, education links for the children to use at home. The children still need to continue their learning and the following websites will help with that.

Please ensure the children are reading every day – this is the most important activity for them to be able to write and calculate – reading is the key to everything. Please read for at least 15 minutes every day.

Thank you for your support during this time,

The Key Stage 1 team.

Message From Miss Brown

Year 1 websites and links to enable work to be completed at home.

Literacy – free phonics activities – free on desktop (cost to download on ipads) – phase 4 and phase 5 phonic activities – a variety of ipad/computer friendly activities for maths and literacy – literacy and maths activities (there is a subscription cost to this) – maths and literacy games (can be used on on ipads or computers)

Maths – a wide variety of printable resources for maths, literacy and phonics (4 weeks free for closed schools) –  year 1 resources and activities. – printable maths worksheets, free resources, fun and games. – mental maths addition and subtraction (beat the clock)


Can you make your own terracotta warrior out of boxes (take a photo and post to seesaw)

Research and artist and create a piece of art inspired by them e.g. Mondrain, Picasso, Kandinsky

Continue with project – researching another country – bbc bitesize offers a wide range of educational videos about a range of topics. – Continue to learn the continents song (it’s super catchy – sorry) – you can upload photos of independent work for me to see (login as student and scan QR code for the specific class) – you tube for children – parents can set children up on an account and subscribe to various things such as counting in 2s/5s/10s song, big numbers song (kids tv), number blocks, alpha blocks

Twinkl – – the code to access all the resoruces for the nest 2 weeks is: UKTWINKLHELPS



Singing/ Movement


Choonbaboon warm ups

The learning station :- Boom Chicka Boom (Easter) and I am the Music Man

Watch and March along to the beat of Babes In Toyland ( I have looked at this with the children)

Listening and Appraising

Listen to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts….The Toy Symphony….Can you say what toy sounds you hear and what instruments you can hear/see? Do you like / dislike this music?

History of Music

Find out about W A Mozart and write a list of facts about him. Can you remember which tune he composed aged 5 that we still sing today?

Musical Elements

Start a musical term glossary….look up the following Italian musical words and write them down with their meanings….Forte. Piano. Crescendo (Dynamics) and Allegro.  Andante. Accelerando  (Tempo)


Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Mass Lesson 1 Lightest to Heaviest

Mass Lesson 2 Lightest to Heaviest

Mass Lesson 3 Comparing Mass

Mass Lesson 4

Family Tree PowerPoint

Family Tree Task

The Day The Crayons Quit PowerPoint With Tasks

Design a Toy Worksheet

Simple Sentence Worksheet

Maths Weight & Mass Teaching Slides

Maths Weight & Mass Problems Worksheet 1

Maths Weight & Mass Problems Worksheet 2

Maths Weight & Mass Problems Worksheet 3

Maths Weight & Mass Problems Worksheet 4

Maths Measuring Time Worksheet

Home Learning Pack

Cutting & Sticking Worksheet

Common Exception Words Worksheet

Fiction Reading Revision Worksheet

Non-Fiction Reading Revision Worksheet

Poetry Reading Revision Worksheet

Reading Mat Guidance

Snakes and Ladders Addition to 20 Board Game

One More and One Less Maths Mastery Game

Science Animals Including Humans Worksheet

Science Everyday Materials Worksheet

Maths Activity Booklet

Maths Activity Booklet Answers