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Dear Parents,

We wanted to give you some useful education links and ideas for the children to use at home. All children still need to continue their learning and the following websites will help with that.

Numberblocksthis is a fantastic maths learning programme for young children and can be accessed through BBC iplayer. It’s important to work through the series’ in order though so start with series 1 and watch the programmes in order.

Links to good stories read by other people are put on the Early Years Blog every week for the children to use too, with follow up work ideas from the books read.

Please ensure the children are reading every day – this is a really important activity. Reading is the key to all future learning. Please help them read every day.

Oxford Owls websitethis is a free website where you can login and have access to lots of reading books that the children might be reading in school if they were in. The books are sorted into different levels of difficulty. Please email your child’s teacher for more information of which level book your child should be reading in order that the books are not too easy and not too hard for them to read successfully.

Thank you for your help with educating your child at this difficult time. We realise that this is not easy! Keep in touch with us though! We are really missing you all!

We love seeing all the things your children are doing at home with you! Email us at with photos of what they are getting up to!

The Early Years team.

A video message from the Early Years staff –

Please look at the blog for further work.